POTF: Hey Guys, thanks for doing this interview with us, would you like to introduce yourself and tell us how you came together as a band?

Sam: I'm Sam, I'm the lead singer of X Ambassadors.  Noah, Casey and I have been in bands together since middle school; we met our drummer Adam the first week of college, and have been playing together as a foursome ever since.  For almost a decade now.


POTF: How much has changed for you as a band personally, since you’ve been signed to Interscope?

Sam: We've been on a road a lot more.  I only JUST this week got an apartment myself-- i hadn't had a place for the last 2 years just because we've been touring so much, I was never home.  I would just crash at my girlfriend's place in Brooklyn or on friend's couches.

Credit: Kayla Surico

POTF: Your On-Stage presence is compelling and you can tell that you guys are more than only band-members. So, how hard is it to hold up a friendship while being on a tour together?

Sam: Luckily we've already spent so much time with each other and have known each other for so long, that it's not too hard for us.  We're like family.  If we're mad at each other one day, we'll make amends the next day because we love each other.  Sounds corny, but it's true and it's what has kept us going as a band for all these years.

POTF: Growing up and playing music together can lead to pretty funny „Band Projects“, did you ever start any band names or projects your are still embarrassed about?

Sam: Our first band name in 7th grade was "Pocket", after "Hot Pockets".  That's all we ever ate at band practices.


POTF: Please finish us this sentence, „We are totally satisfied when,…"

Sam: ... well, hopefully we'll never be satisfied.

Their Album "VHS" available on Itunes