Herbert Miju is a 67 year old retired sailor and we met him at the nursing home in Salzburg.
His story is both, astonishing and sad. 

He left home as a teenager in order to be a sailor at the 1.031km away Hamburg. He went on one of the biggest freight ships in the world and became a mechanical technician.
One time, he tried to repare an engine and during working the machine cut him of two fingers, he always says "Well, that's not a big tragedy, if i want to give someone my middlefinger i just use the other hand."

Now and then he thought on coming home to Salzburg and during a visit a couple of years ago, the tragedy run its course. He went for a walk in the oldtown and suddenly, a car stroke him down and the driver left him laying on the ground. He layd there a couple of minutes untill someone saw him and called an ambulance. 


Since then he can barely walk and started drinking. We asked him "If you could make anything different in your life, what would it be", he just laughed and sayd "Two things i'd like to be changed. I wish i never went on that walk and I'd like to have my lady bigger". We both didn't knew exactly what he ment, so he took off his shirt and showed us a tatoo of a naked women on his side. 

He smiled at us and added "And guys, her and my anchor are the reason why people call me Popey".