Friska Viljor


POTF: Tell us something about Friska Viljor nobody knows?

Friska: Love golf, hate traveling.


POTF: We have seen you guys live on the frequency festival 2013 and you exudet so much happiness out there, what's the background for that?

Friska: We love playing live, so being anything but happy is really hard. Our live shows are all about energy and happiness. If someone comes sad, we want to make sure they leave happy.


POTF: Are there really that much hot girls in sweden than everybody thinks?

Friska: Yes!


POTF: What the hell is a shotgunsister?

Friska: We're still to find out. If anyone finds out before us, please let us know!


POTF: What would you guys do if you weren't musicians?

Friska: That's an easy question, since we both have daytime jobs. Daniel works as a sound engineer and tour manager, Joakim as a teacher.

POTF: Please finish the following sentence: "We are totally satisfied when,..."

Friska: ...when we've reached world domination.

Their Album "Tour de Hearts" available on ITunes.