POTF: Which 5 words describe you the best?

Cymbals: Modern, open, fun, serious, embracing. (Our music, not me as a man.)


POTF: Which Bands inspired you for your Music?

Cymbals: Talking Heads, Pavement, Yo La Tengo, New Order, Future Islands, Dreamtrak, Jeff Lewis, Change we can all agree on.


POTF: Your favourite movie?

Cymbals: Too many to name- but if I had to choose just one;
favourite film of all time it would have to be The Proposition. It's about
being conflicted and trying to be loyal and do what is right whenever
everything seems kinda wrong. It also has the most haunting soundtrack I've ever heard.



POTF: Plants? In the garden or in your cigarette?

Cymbals: Garden.


POTF: Please finish us this sentence, we are totally satisfied when,...?

Cymbals: There isn't total satisfication in art or music, I'm not even satisfied after
making the perfect sandwich.

Their Album "The Age Of Fracture" available on ITunes.