POTF: Describe the feeling to play concerts all over the world and thrill fans from every country?

Graham: Ha, funny question. Being able to travel around the world, making music and subsequently expanding due to the constant intake of culture and new relationships, as been an amazing experience that we do not take for granted.


POTF: What comes in your head when you hear austria?

Graham: The Alps.



POTF: Please finish this sentence, "We are totally satisfied when..."

Graham: Always satisfied...the less you want, the happier you'll be .\\^<o>^//.


POTF: Football, England or Spain?

Graham: Spain. I am from the States, anyway haha.


POTF: Which song from you means the most to you and why?

Graham: Probably Bridge of Bones at the moment, mostly because of Lauren wailing at the end. The song is fairly different from most of our music, but really not that different at all...just like the universe.



Their Album "Cave Rave" available on Itunes