POTF: Which 5 words would describe you and your music best?

Ben: Melancholy, Engaging, Emotional, Uplifting, Pensive. To be honest, I feel reluctant answering this question, because it's really not for me to describe the music, so these are just some things I've been told before.


POTF: Which song makes you happy after a hard day?

Ben: There's a handful of these I guess, but at the moment I'm enjoying ''Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)'' by Arcade Fire.



POTF: What was the craziest shit ever happened to you and your Band?

Ben: Considering we've only been together for a year now, and only been gigging for 4 or 5 months there hasn't been anything too crazy yet... But I'm sure there will be..


POTF: Please finish this sentence, "I am totally satisfied when,..."?

Ben: ... when I'm writing/performing with the lads, or just hanging out with friends.

POTF: Did you know that when people in Austria hear your song "Never", that first always a Hotel Booking Website add comes to their mind?

Ben: Considering that comes a result of the Trivago advertising campaign, it's no surprise that people associate the song with the ad, and that goes for every country. We're grateful for that exposure, but I'd like to think that if they're listening to it for leisure, they're actually enjoying the music. That's the only thing I care about.

Their Album "All The Luck In The World" available on ITunes.